All You Need to Know About Online Casino Bonus System

Online casinos Canada players enjoy offer a great range of bonuses to their customers. This is done to help the players boost their bankroll, and it also is a technique employed by the casino to retain customers.

There are many ways one can get a bonus; some are rewarded to you once you sign up, whereas some are rewarded to you on some special basis.

The bonuses offered in various casinos differ; you should not expect the same bonus offers when using a new casino.

There are different types of bonuses which include

  • the no deposit reward
  • deposit reward
  • welcome bonus
  • free spins
  • cashback
  • free credit and so on

Many factors affect the type of bonuses various casinos offer. This might include regulations and restrictions, among others. The regulations might create limits as to how much you can withdraw etc.

It is very easy to get these bonuses, but it is quite difficult for new players to put these bonuses into good use. So, it is important to understand the online casino bonus system.

Most common bonuses everyone should know.

There are many types of online casino rewards and promotions, but these are the most common and the most rewarded:

  • Welcome reward: the welcome bonus is a reward offered to a new player. It is also termed the signup reward. After you accept the policies, terms and conditions and input your details, the casino welcomes you with a small token. This might be a combination of free spins, deposit bonuses, or a standalone package. Wagering requirements restrict the welcome bonus.
  • Deposit bonus: the deposit bonus is rewarded when one makes a deposit. It is mostly part of the welcome reward package. This bonus might allow the player to get certain percentages of their deposit for the welcome package, which can last for the first 5 deposits.
  • No deposit bonus: Unlike the deposit reward, the no-deposit bonus is awarded for free. You do not need to make any deposit to enjoy this bonus. This works if you have a C$20 no deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of 35X. You are expected to bet that you can make 35 X C$20 = C$700 before withdrawing the winnings.
  • Reload bonus:  the reload bonus is available for only existing players. This is offered when you reload your betting account. It is mostly a small percentage of your reload, but the wagering requirement for the bonus is sometimes low.
  • Cashback: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That is the nature of gambling, but what if there is a way whereby your loss is reduced? Well, yes, there is a way, and it is called a cashback bonus. The cashback bonus returns a certain percentage of the money you lose. This money, however, cannot be directly withdrawn; one must meet the wagering requirements.

Conditions surrounding Bonuses

There must be a means through which the casino can control extravagance and irresponsible use of the bonus offers. Casinos set requirements to prevent the abuse of bonuses. These requirements are to be met if one wants to be able to cash out their winnings. These requirements are often termed wager play through. The bonus requirements specify the number of times one must multiply a certain bonus before it can be withdrawn.

An example would help make this idea clear;

Let us consider a standard case scenario of a deposit bonus. Let us say a gambler wants to deposit C$200, and a casino offers +100% of the deposit. This adds up to C$400. If the wagering requirement is 30X, then it is expected that C$200 should be played 30 times through.

Now let us delve into the mathematics;

C$400 (deposit + deposit bonus) X 30 (wagering requirement) = C$12000 (bonus playthrough). If the average Return to Player is about 97%, then C$12000 – 97% = C$360. Now the house edge is C$360. It is clear that the house makes a profit, since C$200 is less than C$360.

This is done from an average standpoint; the value might vary depending on the casino, but the idea is clear. You can either cash out these bonuses or not, and some are limited to certain games. You can avoid misunderstanding by reviewing the terms and conditions before accepting bonuses.

Time Frame

It is important to know that these bonuses are perishable. If you don’t use them on time, they become inactive. Most of these bonuses last for a month, and some for just a few weeks. Read the terms and conditions and discover the time frame for different bonuses. This will help you utilize the bonus properly and timely.

Merits and demerits of Online Casino Bonuses

Some of the advantages of casino bonuses include:

  • It offers you an opportunity to earn big
  • Presents you with the chance to try also the no deposit mobile casino bonus
  • It offers you the chance to explore the casino and learn about various features
  • It gives you a good chance to learn how to play various games
  • Boost your bankroll
  • Allows you to play for long

There are many merits when it comes to bonuses and a few demerits, which include

  • Wagering requirements might be difficult to meet
  • Short time frames
  • Restriction on games with high RTP


Bonuses play a very vital role in retaining customers. This marketing strategy is employed by almost all casinos worldwide. Bonuses are sometimes complicated to understand, as easy as they seem to be. There are many types of bonuses. These different types of bonuses have different wagering requirements and different time frames.

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