Access Covesting Innovations On The To With PrimeXBT iOS App

Covesting innovations are powerful software modules designed to be integrated within revolutionary trading platforms such as PrimeXBT. The technology underpinning the profit-generating software solutions requires resources to run, which has made the desktop and mobile web browser experience the de-facto way to use Covesting products on PrimeXBT.

However, a new native iOS app has been released, coded from the ground up to bring the full suite of PrimeXBT advanced trading tools to iOS devices for the first time. This means that not only does the app include the long and short positions on forex, commodities, stock indices, and crypto the platform is known for, but also Covesting copy trading and much more.

Here is more on the latest way to access Covesting’s tools using the all-new native PrimeXBT iOS app.

What The New Native PrimeXBT App Offers Access To

PrimeXBT is an award winning platform offering forex, Bitcoin S&P 500, oil and gold trading all from a single account and under one roof. Long and short positions as well as stop loss and other advanced order types are also offered, allowing users to build hedge positions or one of the most diverse portfolios around.

Traditional and digital assets can both be charted using the built in tools, technical indicators, and more. With the all-new PrimeXBT app, all of these tools are always at a traders fingertips at any given moment.

But what might even be more compelling about the new PrimeXBT iOS app, is the fact that it now includes full support for the Covesting ecosystem now and through future updates. For example, the Covesting copy trading module has been integrated, but the experience hasn’t been fully developed yet, so users will be unable to create or follow a new strategy.

For now, Covesting traders can monitor the performance of their portfolio and review risk and success metrics of strategy managers they follow. The infrastructure is there for the missing pieces to be added quickly in time through future updates and dev support. In the future, PrimeXBT will also introduce the recently released Covesting yield account system to the native iOS app.

Now that we’ve given you a teaser of what the PrimeXBT app offers for Covesting access, let’s dive deeper into what these services entail.

Covesting Copy Trading Explained

Covesting copy trading has turned the trading world upside down with its rapidly growing peer-to-peer community. There are always two sides to every trade. In the past there have only been winners and losers. Today, Covesting lets novice traders who don’t yet know technical analysis or have emotional control follow strategy managers who regularly show success.

These skilled professionals have to prove their worth via the total profits they make – profits that are transparent to all via the platform’s global leaderboards. Data on risk and success are both included, which followers must use to not only pick and choose who to follow, but to monitor performance and ensure profits keep coming.

Followers also get stop loss and take profit tools, much like the strategy managers do themselves, who have access to the full lineup of PrimeXBT assets and trading tools.

Covesting Yield Accounts Make Debut

While Covesting yield accounts don’t make the cut in terms of the PrimeXBT app launch, rest assured the native app paves the way for its eventual arrival. When it does come, users will be able to access top DeFi protocols like Uniswap, Yearn.Finance, Curve, and others right from the app, much like they can currently through the PrimeXBT account dashboard.

Yield accounts let users stake idle crypto tokens to generate a variable APY on assets. Assets include ETH, USDT, and USDC. In the future, Covesting and PrimeXBT plan to connect to other DeFi protocols and also top CeFi platforms for the most variety and access to the best possible rates. Rates currently max out at as high as 10%.

PrimeXBT and Covesting yield accounts take the guesswork out of accessing DeFi dapps and make yield generating easier for all. The app update will be the final barrier to widespread adoption.

COV Token Staking Ties It All Together

In addition to staking idle crypto assets for a variable APY rate paid in crypto rewards, users can also stake COV tokens to unlock Advanced, Premium, or Elite memberships for Covesting users. Each membership level requires more COV tokens, and unlocks an increasingly better level of benefits with each new tier.

Benefits include a profit share increase for followers, a trading fee discount for strategy managers, and more. Best of all, it also unlocks up to a 2x APY boost with Covesting yield accounts.

COV tokens are central to the Covesting ecosystem and a utility token on the Ethereum ERC20 token standard. It has a lower supply than BTC, yet the developers regularly burn tokens to keep the supply low and the value proposition high for holders.

Download The New PrimeXBT App To Access Covesting Today

The PrimeXBT iOS native app with all of these key features related to Covesting and the rest of the robust experience are available for download immediately from the Apple App Store for iOS. The free app requires no in-app purchases or hidden fees.

Users can stay on top of any of the more than 60 trading instruments available from the app, or any of their Covesting followings. The value and utility of the app for traders, especially users of the Covesting copy trading community, is nearly endless, especially considering the cost.

Traders are always supposed to be thinking about the risk to reward ratio of their trades. If the reward is high, and risk can be managed, then take the trade. With no cost to access the app, and only upside, the risk to reward on downloading the PrimeXBT app today is too good to pass up. With the app installed and user signed in, the opportunities soon become endless.

Users are even offered up to $10,000 as part of a bug bounty program and are asked to offer their feedback via rating the app in the app store.

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