A Detailed Review of Via Trading

Via Trading company is a wholesale brand of liquidation that specializes in consumer merchandise. The liquidation pallets usually come from wholesale liquidations, overstocked inventories and customer returns. Via Trading was founded by brothers- Jacques and Alain Stambouli in the year 2022.

Via Trading caters to a number of liquidation warehouses and has even been nominated for the Preferred Flea Market Supplier by the National Flea Market Association.

The history behind Via Trading Company

Being founded in 2002 by the Stambouli brothers, this company begin operations in a 6000 sq ft liquidation warehouses in West Los Angeles with a team of 4 expert professionals. The whole concept behind these liquidation stores was to buy the excess goods from the local market and resell it through online retail and b2c channels that they created.

They choose to believe in the long-term approach when it comes to their business and offer the highest and best quality of customer service.

The motto of Via Trading Company

When it comes to liquidation stores and their liquidation pallets, Via trading is one of the most dedicated liquidation warehouses that make sure that they not only provide the best service possible but they are also transparent in their processes and improve with every chance they get. Via Trading makes sure that they create and develop healthy, positive and long term relationships with their clients, members of the team and the vendors.

Who can or should purchase Liquidation Pallets from Via Trading?

Via Trading caters to all kinds of audience bases, and they have all kinds of liquidation pallets. This company has no minimum order amount, which means that clients can choose to purchase any number of liquidation pallets. With more than ten years in the liquidation industry, they make sure that they provide the best of services including the unparalleled variety of industry information and resources as well as a wide variety of liquidation pallets at their best prices.

Why Should you choose Via Trading?

Via Trading offers personalized services to their clients where account managers are assigned to their clients and they offer the best suited merchandise as well as assist their clients with every aspect of their work. They offer a wide variety of liquidation pallets in the industry that ranges from electronics, clothing, general merchandise, furniture, home décor and so much more.

Via trading offers innovative buyer tools in order to analyze the potential profits, online event registration, the complete and comprehensive catalog available online and more. There are no minimum number of liquidation pallets required and there is absolutely no need for memberships when it comes to Via trading company. They offer their clients their very own account managers that help in choosing the right merchandise, researching about the client’s business to know their needs and handles every aspect of their order and if they have any form of inquiries when it comes to Via Trading.

Via Trading is one of the best liquidation stores that only sells wholesale merchandise and do not sell refurbished merchandise. They have new liquidation pallets arriving daily and have the widest variety of goods that are always in stock. The liquidation pallets in these liquidation warehouses are always inspected, to make sure that the merchandise is of top quality and clients do not have to make appointments, they can just visit the liquidation stores during their business hours, meet the team in person and check out the facilities as well as the merchandise in the liquidation warehouses.

Via Trading is a family-owned and operated liquidation warehouses and while they understand that the liquidation industry is not always transparent, they make sure that their processes are extremely transparent and accurate.

The services provided by Via trading-

The liquidation warehouses are open for five days a week to the whole sale public and have personalized services to offer to their clients, including the dedicated account managers who research about the business of their clients in order to assist them in every aspect of the process and help in offering the necessary and best suited merchandise.

They have an extensive selection of liquidation pallets that are available on their website and have the fastest shipping rate in the liquidation industry, about more than ninety five percent of their orders being shipping within a day of the order being placed and confirmed. Via Trading makes sure that they not only have no membership fees but also have extremely flexible payment methods.


This was a detailed and comprehensive review of the liquidation company, Via Trading, that has been in the industry of liquidation for years now. Not only do they make sure that they look after their clients better than anyone else in this industry, they go out of their way to make sure that the business of their client’s is a success.

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