8 Life-Changing Gadgets You Need as a Student

The life of a modern student is impossible without technology. Having gadgets to organize your life makes a big difference. They help you improve your learning, avoid distractions, and keep track of your schedule, among numerous other things.

If you are on the lookout for such smart solutions to take with you to college, here is the list of eight must-have gadgets that will make your life easier.

1.   Wake-Up Light Sunrise Alarm

The only thing worse than working on an essay is forgetting about the task till the last minute. Yet, it’s so common.

Students often have to pull all-nighters to finish papers. Then, they have a hard time waking up for a class in the morning. Unless you spare yourself the trouble and let a custom essay writing services do the assignment for you, get a wake-up light alarm that imitates sunrise. It’s a great solution for heavy sleepers.

Instead of the unpleasant sound of an alarm clock, the lamp gradually wakes you up with light that changes from red to white. Another advantage of this gadget is that you can also use it as a bedside lamp to read or create a nice atmosphere.

2.   Smartwatch

A smartwatch is one of the top productivity gadgets out there. Aside from telling time, it allows you to keep an eye on the tasks on your calendar. You can also keep track of your physical activity and different parameters like steps, pulse, burned calories, sleep, etc.

The smartwatch synchronizes with your phone, allowing notifications and social media integrations. It also includes a comfortable music player, which is always with you.

3.   Noise-Canceling Headphones

A truly life-changing gadget for students is noise-canceling headphones. If you want to study in your dorm room but the party upstairs is too loud or get some peace and quiet in a noisy café to read, this is just what you need.

Blocking out distractions is crucial to stay focused and be able to deal with your college assignments as fast as possible. Writing help is useful as well. With an EssayPro promo code, it even comes at a very pocket-friendly price. Anything that makes your way to the desired degree easier is a smart investment.

4.   Bluetooth Keyboard

Digital tools made learning more accessible. Your desk is no longer the only place where you can study. Having your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with you, you can keep on learning anywhere: in the library, coffee shop, bookstore, hotel room, etc.

To make your learning comfortable, get a wireless keyboard. It creates a flexible, ergonomic set-up in any location. Besides, since the Bluetooth keyboard can be compatible with your laptop, smartphone, and tablet at once, you can seamlessly switch from writing an essay to answering a text.

5.   Adjustable Laptop Stand

Another gadget for better ergonomics of your study space is a laptop stand. Most likely, you spend hours in front of the screen. Researching, writing papers, reading, watching Netflix, and doing a million other things.

With the adjustable laptop stand, you can regulate the angle and positioning of your laptop. This will make your long study hours comfortable. This gadget could also benefit your posture and eyesight and save you from back pain.

6.   Portable Charger

Running out of battery is scary for a student, especially today when almost all learning materials are digital. You don’t want all your work to vanish simply because you forgot to charge your phone. This is why you need a portable charger.

There are also a few alternatives. For example, a charging case could extend the battery life of your phone and keep it safe from drops. Another option is to get a backpack with a charging station inside. It will help you make sure your phone or laptop won’t die when you need them most.

7.   Kindle eReader

An eReader stores all your books in a single place. You won’t need to carry around all the heavy hardbacks around campus. Another benefit is that you can instantly add books to your library and start reading within seconds.

To buy the eReader, you’ll need to invest some money. But it will pay off soon as ebooks are much more affordable than paper copies and often even free.

8.   External Hard Drive

To avoid storage issues and have all your learning materials saved for the long term, consider getting an external hard drive. This might not be the most exciting gadget, but it is surely one of the most useful ones.

It’s also a reliable way to have a backup of all your files. If you are working on a larger paper, like a thesis, you certainly need the external hard drive to keep all your research findings and drafts safe.

Final Thoughts

Technology can do so many tasks for you while you can focus on enjoying your college years to the fullest. Set yourself up for success with gadgets like a smartwatch, portable charger, e-reader, headphones, and other things that could be useful in your daily life. There’s a whole bunch of options to choose from for maximum efficiency and comfort!

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