7 Tips to Hit the TikTok for You Page With Regularity

Success with TikTok video marketing might not seem important to business owners. But it should be, because this red-hot platform has rapidly increased in social importance. TikTok has been downloaded nearly three billion times, and the app is seeing more than a billion monthly users.

Perhaps most important is the fact that nearly 40% of TikTok users are in the desired age range of 18 to 24 years-old. It is even more shocking to learn that TikTok users spend nearly an entire hour on the app each day. The challenge lies in creating engaging TikTok videos that resonate with your intended audience, without getting lost in the sea of viral videos.

Tip #1: Tap Into the Power of TikTok Trends

TikTok’s most viral videos are focused on trends. Weave a trendy element of pop culture into your business’s TikTok videos and you’ll engage your audience all the more. Subtleties such as TikTok ad size are important yet overarching themes matter just as much. As an example, incorporating a viral TikTok trend such as a popular challenge into your videos makes your business more relatable.

Including trendy subject matter in your content maximizes visibility in the context of user searches. Conduct a search for the latest TikTok trends ranging from songs to dances, challenges and beyond, artfully implement elements of one or several trends into your videos and your content will engage the viewing audience all the more.

Tip #2: Steer Your Online Audience to Your TikTok Page

TikTok is a relatively new social media app. Some of your audience on other platforms might not be aware that your business has established a presence on TikTok. Link your current Meta, Twitter and Instagram followers to your TikTok page using your best TikTok video(s) as a digital bridge. The strategic cross-promotion of TikTok video content throughout your online footprint maximizes your reach, increasing the odds of one or several TikTok videos going viral.

Tip #3: Collaborate With a TikTok Content Creator

Your business will find it is that much easier to gain traction on TikTok with a strategic alliance. Connect with an already established TikTok user for collaboration and the synergy will prove mutually beneficial. An alliance with a successful TikTok creator establishes meaningful connections with TikTok users. Such an alliance might even catalyze one or several TikTok videos into virality.

Above all, a collaboration with a TikTok content creator will steer public interest toward your company and products/services. As an example, a recent United States Holiday Shopping Behavior study revealed one-third of the members of the Generation Z age cohort bought a product reviewed by TikTok content creators.

Tip #4: Analyze Your Target Audience

Establish buyer personas to develop a better understanding of your target audience then create your TikTok content accordingly. Aside from featuring lifestyle elements in your TikTok videos that your audience is most likely to find intriguing, be mindful of the timing of your videos.

Analyze your target audience’s schedule to get a sense of their typical daily routines and publish new video content at the points in time when those individuals are most likely to consume content on the platform. If you are busy with work and don’t have the time to post new TikTok videos at night or on the weekends, consider scheduling posts in advance, hiring a part-time social media manager, or outsourcing the work to video marketing specialists.

Tip #5: Add a Soundtrack

The addition of music to your TikTok videos adds another sensory layer for audience engagement. Though few know it, TikTok originally began as Musicall.ly before becoming a video-dominant platform. The app is designed for the artful implementation of video and music content to help users develop an impactful synergy. Invest a little bit of time researching the best songs for your TikTok videos, add them to the background and your audience will be that much more captivated by your content.

Tip #6: Add Hashtags

Similar to Twitter, TikTok provides users with the opportunity to boost content engagement through hashtags. Hashtags steer interested parties toward your business’s video content, ultimately hiking view counts and resulting sales. Resist the temptation to add broad hashtags, instead opting for highly specific hashtags relevant to video content.

Tip #7: Be Consistent

There is a delicate balance between inundating an audience with an influx of TikTok video content and publishing new videos with a strategic cadence. Instead of posting new TikTok videos every hour or every day, focus your creative efforts on creating potentially viral videos for publication once per week. Be consistent with your video publishing schedule and your audience will reflect that rhythm, checking in to view your new video content at the same pace as your publishing schedule.

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