7 Things to Study Before your First Flight Lesson 

The aviation industry is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Many people dream about setting up their careers in the aviation industry or becoming a pilot. A commercial pilot is a great career option to secure your future. There are many perks associated with this job – a handsome salary, an opportunity to travel the world, work full of thrill and adventure, and whatnot. You can enroll in a reputed pilot training school and begin training to achieve your ambitions. 

Depending upon the course or certification, the duration of pilot training may vary. Pilot training teaches you everything. When you start your first flight, there may be many things running in your mind, including excitement and nervousness. 

Taking your first flight lesson will be a moment to cherish. But before you go aboard, here are a few things to study. 

Learn Basic Aerodynamics 

Before taking off your first flight at the training school, you should research how airplanes fly. When you develop a firm understanding of aerodynamics beforehand, it will help you further your lessons. You will at least have some idea of what an airplane is, its parts, and other details. 

Practice with Flight Simulators 

Flight simulators are known to develop great hand-eye coordination skills and aviation knowledge. You can practice with a flight simulator in the first few days of the flight training to polish your skills. You can buy a desktop flight simulator. If you are not curious to buy it, try a flight simulator app on your phone. Use this app to expose yourself to the basic principles of flying an aircraft. 

Know About the Basics of Sky

When you learn to ride a bike or car, you try to understand the rules of the roads. They include traffic rules, types of roads, how to ride on such roads and highways, and other details. Similarly, before learning to fly a plane, we advise you to learn about the basics of the highways of the sky. 

Get an Idea about Weather Principles 

One of the essential things you must know before starting your flight training is the weather principles. Start by looking up the basics of weather such as cold fronts, warm fronts, Coriolis effects, etc. The weather conditions play an integral role in your flight training. You may have to learn different skills to fly your plane under varied weather conditions. 

FAA Regulations 

Flight training is not merely restricted to obtaining practical knowledge about the aircraft, its parts, and weather conditions, but having some theoretical knowledge too. You need to study all the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations or FAA regulations in detail to get familiar with flying the plane throughout your training. These regulations will give you theoretical knowledge about takeoffs, straight and level flight, climbs, turns, landings, and descents. 

Learn the Phonetic Alphabets

Do you know you need to learn a different language during your flight training? The ICAO phonetic alphabet is used in aviation for communication. Thus, it would be best to memorize each letter and its corresponding name. It also includes special number pronunciations. 

Know About the Aircraft Systems 

Learning about aircraft systems may be a tough job, but you need to start doing it before your first flight lesson. You can dig through the pilot’s operating handbook for the airplane to understand how the systems work. 


Apart from helping you fly an aircraft, the above-listed things will also prepare you properly for your written examination. If you want to fly a plane, you need to pass a written test as well. We hope you start by considering these points soon before your first flight lesson. All the best.  

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