6 reasons parents are obsessed with European baby formulas

Everyone associates parenting with an enjoyable time, when from each new achievement of the baby, parents feel happiness and pride. But it is also a time of extremely important decisions that will affect child’s development and overall well-being. One of such important decisions is the issue of feeding. For most parents, this is not a problem, as breast milk becomes an ideal food for the baby, while being fully nutritious. Otherwise, when breastfeeding is impossible, parents are faced with a difficult choice of infant formula. Which milk is the best? Which brand of baby formulas is better to choose? What ingredients should be included? And so on and so forth. But statistics show that parents from all over the world prefer European formulas and remain quite enthusiastic about them. Why are they so popular and are they really worth the price? Here are 6 reasons why parents are obsessed with European formulas. Let’s get it started.

1. First of all, European formulas are famous for their purity. The composition of these formulas has long been assessed as completely safe and nutritious for babies. Such widespread and highly recommended brands as HiPP, Holle, Kendamil, Lebenswert and others may be the best organic formula for your little one. You can be sure that this milk was collected from organically fed cows on an environmentally friendly farm. When raising livestock or plants for feeding, they do not use chemical elements. That is why they are famous for their unique purity.

2. European formulas are as close to breast milk as possible. Parents who are not able to breastfeed are really disappointed about this fact and worry about the element that their child may not receive eating formula. Happy to please you that European baby formula is quite similar to breast milk in term of lactose, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Moreover, these formulas are famous for not using additional sweeteners in comparison with American ones. They tend to be naturally sweet because of lactose. Therefore, your loved one will definitely enjoy eating it.

3. European baby formulas are safer and healthier to babies due to its fully controlled production and high-quality ingredients. They are always held to higher standards and strict rules. They are fully free of negative ingredients such as sucrose, pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics and other artificial elements. So you can sleep calm and not to worry about the food your child consumes. While being free from elements that can affect your baby negatively, they are full of safe and helpful ones. A blend of vegetable oils, purified cow’s milk whey, casein and a vitamin-mineral mix will make your child stronger and happier indeed.

4. At a time when information is freely available and news are spreading at the speed of light, recommendations from experts and satisfied parents become quite significant for us. You have definitely heard about European baby formulas from other parents or saw pleased reviews on the Internet. No wonder that so many families endorse them and professional doctors consider them the best. All because of their high quality. That’s the benefit for you because there are a lot of detailed reviews and informative discussion of the composition as well as recommendations from high-ranking doctors. So it’s so easy to find it and take it into account while considering the best organic formula.

5. It is so important for parents to find the food that will perfectly suit your baby and European baby formulas can help you with that as they are diverse and meet different baby’s needs. That’s great if you are the lucky one and you found your best formula at first try. But there are different peculiarities that babies may have during their first year of life. It can be susceptibility to allergies, reflux, lactose intolerance, gasses, spitting or just simple irritability and bad mood. In such cases you should change your formula into another one. Due to the fact that European baby formulas are diverse and overcome different health issues you can find the suitable one.

6. The last fact that satisfies parents so much is its wide availability. Sourcing of baby formulas can sometimes be a huge problem for parents. But it’s not about European baby formulas that are quite available in different places like pharmacies, supermarkets and Internet sites. Please make sure that these sites are reliable and you will not be deceived after all. But it’s so convenient to order baby formula online with fast shipping and high quality. It can be a problem for you if you suddenly run out of it so it’s always better to have some additional on hands.

So now you are familiar with some of the the most popular reasons why so many families are obsessed with European baby formulas. Therefore, it’s your turn to choose the best one for your lovely child. Good luck!

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