6 Creative Tips To Edit Your Videos On TikTok

TikTok, a popular social media app with over 1 billion active users, is topping the online world after Facebook and Instagram. It is the most downloaded app in recent times. As a creator, you may spend countless hours on TikTok to know the trends and create a great video. When creating your videos, it is necessary to see the editing tricks. You may think a real video is enough, but sometimes it may not deliver outstanding results. Editing a video will provide a strong impression, likes, and views to your videos. If you want to get more fans for your account quickly ask a few others about how can you buy tiktok fans? Is it simple to buy tiktok fans? After getting a good solution go ahead to work on it to grow your reach.

You may have a question about needing professional skills to edit a TikTok video. But luckily, it is not! It is easy to learn and use. You can quickly grab editing techniques if you are a rapid learner. This article will help you get started with the TikTok creator journey efficiently. Below, we have presented some valuable tips for editing a TikTok video. Let’s get started!

How To Film A Video Perfectly?

Enter the TikTok app, tap the ‘+’ button, and then record your video with the red button. Use a timer to shoot the video properly. It is advised to shoot your video in daylight without any background noises. Do not suddenly move your phone camera so you may get a clear quality video at the end.

6 Best Tactics To Edit Your Videos

1. Adjust Camera Settings

The camera settings can be adjusted even before you shoot your video. You can turn on beautifying mode to show your face without any lines, marks, etc. You can select the color filter if it is necessary for your video. You can speed up or slow down your video with 2x or 3x options. As slow-motion videos are aesthetically pleasing and gaining popularity among audiences, try experimenting with them. If you want to boost your videos’ visibility, take advantage of Tikviral and build your online space.

2. Basic Cutting

After recording your video, you can edit the starting and ending positions of the video. In TikTok, tap adjusts clips on the right side of the screen and pick the clips you want to cut. You can even miss a single video in different potions and can merge it. Drag the straight white line and fix the start point. It is similar for endpoint and now click save. Now you got your trimmed video.

3. Music And Sound Effects

After finishing your video, you can add music and sound effects per your wish. All you have to do is click on the sound option on the right corner of your screen. Now you can search for any popular sounds, or else TikTok from its library will provide plenty of songs to choose from the list. Then, you can play and select the track which suits your video. Here TikTok gives you options to fade or increase the volume of your original and added sounds. Original sounds refer to in-camera audio or voiceovers. If you are clueless about the music selection, check out the trending sounds on the for you page.

4. TikTok Effects

You can use some of the widespread effects like green screen, transition, or AR effects to enrich your video style. When you scroll down the for you page, you may get inspiring filters for your videos. Click on the ‘effects’ button and choose your preferred filter. For example, transition videos would be best with TikTok filters and effects. Moreover, fashion creators are making styling videos with transition effects, and it is collecting millions of views.

5. Add Text To Your Videos

Tap on the ‘text’ tab to write the information on the video. Choose the suitable font and color of the text that will appear along with the video. TikTok has a ‘speech to text feature that eases you instead of typing. Once you have completed tying, position it on the screen and apply it to duration so that it appears for the particular video duration. You can add plenty of text during the whole period of the video. It is also possible to add multiple descriptions for a single image.

6. Publish Your Video

Once you have done the editing, you can post your video with desired captions. You can add a link to your video. Allow options like duet, stitches, and comments. You can send the video public, private, or only to your friends. You can also tag your influencers and collaborators on your post. It is best to permit viewers to react to your video. Before publishing, check your video preview. Once you are satisfied, then go with the publishing option.


From the tutorial above, you can try editing your videos yourself. Once you have learned the tactics, the possibilities are endless. Soon you will get your best-edited videos. Make sure you put appealing effects that are attractive to the audience’s eyes. We hope this article is informative for you. Please read the article and share your comments with us. Happy editing!

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