Do you have a limited budget? Do you want to stylishly furnish your rented flat for a small price? How to make a cosy rental flat? How do you spend less money to turn someone else’s place into a cosy room that you’ll be happy to come back to? You can transform your place with a bit of effort and make it feel more like home when you decorate it. Here are 5 effective ways to do it.

Always take your own textiles with yourself

The easiest way to change your flat is to use textiles. Such an endeavour is not likely to be expensive. But creating an individual, modern style indoors is much easier with curtains, bedspreads, plaids, rugs, and chair covers. All the more so because they’re easy to move around if you change flats. And nice bedding set is a great alternative to a bedspread – it will always look nice, even when it’s not tucked away.

Cushions and poufs

Decorative cushions are a real godsend. They can be used on chairs and sofas to create a simple, coordinated composition for a smart, stylish addition to your interior. Make experiments with different colours and shapes. On chairs and stools, they are used for softening. A nice soften chair cover can transform your workplace or gaming place into a great cosy place. Close your eyes for just one moment and imagine – you are reading your favourite book or look for the best selections of live casino games in a virtual casino, and your chair is covered with cozy soften blanket… And when friends arrive, there is always space on the floor for cushions. Poufs are also great additional sources of comfort. They’re easy to move around and create that cosy ambience.

Light will make a room feel nicer

Usually there’s always one central chandelier in a room. A good way to spice things up is to add extra light sources. Lamps and floor lamps should preferably be fitted with clips. This way it’s easier to create moods and lighting solutions. If you add your own personal spotlight, the room will feel closer and more intimate. 

Glass jars

Don’t throw glass jars away. They can easily be adapted as handy containers for storing food. Functional and pretty, even if you don’t have a kitchen appliance. An open shelf made from a wide board is perfect for this purpose. Glass containers come in handy if you don’t have a flower vase. This is the quickest and cheapest way to decorate a room, although it won’t last long. In winter, use dried twigs instead of flowers for decoration.

Photos, pictures, posters

An old tried-and-true way to spruce up a room quickly and make it look homely is to use photos, paintings, and posters. Especially if the wall is empty or not very attractive. A large poster or painting can also save the day. They will bring positive energy into the room. The room will get a fashionable look. Choose colourful cushion covers to match the colours of the story on the poster (no more than 2-3 colours) and you can even sew them yourself. Arrange them on the sofa or bed, add a plaid, a rug. It’ll all add up to a cosy touch! You could replace your curtains with something that matches the colour of your new décor pieces.


To sum up, there are not too few opportunities to improve your rented flat without spending a lot of money. As you can see, a few simple accessories can help you create a cosy home and make your interior the way you want it. Don’t be afraid to be creative – it is much more important than money!

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