5 Ways Car Wreckers Rotorua Help The Community

Non-working cars aren’t meant to be kept rotting in the garage. These machines can still bring you a fair amount of money if you sell them to the nearest car wrecker or junkyard.

The global car recycling market is worth several billion dollars. In the United States alone, the sector contributes around USD$ 25 billion to the country’s gross domestic product or GDP. As such, it’s the 16th most significant industry in the said country. (1)

In New Zealand, the vehicle recycling process starts with car wreckers Rotorua too. These entities should be your first stop in getting rid of your defunct automobile. Below are some of the benefits of having car wreckers in your proximity. 

  1. Car wreckers help protect the environment

No matter where they may be, car wreckers can help the environment by kickstarting the car recycling and repurposing process.

Reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions

Vehicle repurposing helps the planet in several ways. It can reduce car manufacturers’ carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions because it dramatically reduces the need to create raw materials. Many resources are needed to produce various car parts, such as glass, iron ores, plastics and rubber. Because carmakers can reuse recycled steel and plastics from junk cars, the resources needed to assemble vehicles – some of which are non-renewable – are reduced. 

Saving landfill space

In addition, car wreckers Rotorua can help prevent landfills from filling up quickly. Apart from steel and aluminum, junkyards also set aside valuable car parts such as windshields, wipers, headlights, transmissions systems, engines, tires and under-chassis, among many other components. It’s said that car manufacturers can save up to 95% of production costs for metal by reusing recycled aluminum in making different car pieces.

Proper handling and disposal of toxic chemicals

Besides helping preserve the planet, car wreckers can help reduce global chemical wastes pollution by adequately handling potentially hazardous chemicals and liquids. Instead of leaking inside car owners’ garages, car wreckers will check the unit and separate or drain toxic chemicals such as brake and transmission fluids, engine coolants, wiper fluids and refrigerants. (2)

2. Car wreckers make car removal easy

Junk cars are almost always not roadworthy. As such, you may need to hire a towing service. The hassle of towing an old vehicle is one of the primary reasons that hold back car owners, as towing services may be too pricey. Fortunately, most car wreckers offer a towing service so that your non-drivable vehicle can quickly be sent to the yard for processing. Whatever the type of vehicle, these companies can get rid of it without headaches. (2) (3)

3. Car wreckers can help families raise cash

Families must look for ways to raise cash during challenging times without necessarily resorting to borrowing. By offering a free towing service and paying reasonably, car wreckers Rotorua can provide families with more money for their scrap cars. So, if you have a nonfunctioning vehicle or a lemon car stuck inside your garage and need cash for an emergency, contact your nearest car wrecker to reclaim space and earn while you’re at it.

4. Car wreckers make original car components more available

It can be challenging to find original spare parts on the market, and most car owners are stuck with buying from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) instead. While in most cases durable, purchasing an original car component is still your best bet compared to OEM if you want to avoid risks.       

Before sending it for compacting, car wreckers will set aside some automobile parts for reselling, such as engine components, side mirrors and transmission systems. If you’re unsuccessful in finding a car part replacement after scouring different shops and dealerships, giving your car dismantlers a visit may prove helpful. Plus, you’re likely going to save money buying from one.    

5. Car wreckers make it easier to purchase ‘phased out’ car components

New vehicles are being released almost every year, making vehicles five years and older seem obsolete. Phased-out or obsolete vehicle components may also be tough to find as they’re unavailable on the market. As car wreckers handle different automobiles, they’ll likely have a wide array of car parts and tools, even components that aren’t produced anymore. If you have a several-year-old car or are restoring a vintage car, it’s better to visit your nearest car wrecker for phased-out and hard-to-find vehicle parts. (4)

Wrecked vehicles are seen in a car junkyard


Whether in Rotorua or other parts of the world, car dismantlers or wreckers provide several benefits to the community. They can make car disposal safer and eco-friendly by preparing an old vehicle for recycling and repurposing. As an old car owner, you, too, can help the environment and the community by making original and phased-out car parts available to others.    


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