5 Top Online Slots Games For 2022


Slots machines are games of chance featuring a screen that displays three or more reels. The early machines had large mechanical levers fixed on the side pulled down to trigger play. This design layout saw it labelled the one-armed bandit true to its ability to empty players’ wallets.

Online versions, however, are operated using screens and buttons. It can be played on a computer or smart device, and just like the physical version, one deposits money, presses the button and tries to win by lining up the symbols. Visit Casinos Online to play the best version of online slots and other casino games. Below are 5 different versions of online slots:

Types of Slots

1.    Five-reel Slots (Video Slots)

This is the most widely used slot both at a physical casino and on online gambling sites. They were invented in 1970 and no longer required levers or mechanical reels. It was the first of its kind to go digital and uses a screen display instead of reels.

The advantage offered by the five-reel slots is that having more paylines, the odds have been increased from the classic three-reel slots. The bets last longer and the jackpot tends to be higher.

2.    Progressive Jackpots

These are amounts offered as the top payout and it increases every time someone plays the slot game. A percentage of every wager is put towards the jackpot, and grows until the lucky player wins it. The sum of all these wagers draws its contribution from thousands of players from multiple slots worldwide.

The more bets you make, the more tickets you earn. If the algorithm picks one of your tickets after a spin, the jackpot is yours. A jackpot may also be triggered if a player lines up five symbols on the 15th payline. The biggest progressive jackpot went to an anonymous android player in September 2018 who bet 75 cents on Mega Moolah. Less than 50 spins laters, he/she landed the £21.7 million jackpot.

3.    Classic Slots (three-reel slots)

These are arguably the simplest slot games out there, and feature fruit, a bell and shamrock symbols on three reels and one to three paylines.  All that is required is placing a bet and spinning the wheels. The ease of play and vast payouts at low stakes has greatly contributed to the widespread acceptance of this game. The online version, which involves just pressing a button, still gives the player the classical experience of spinning reels.

4.    3D Slots

These slot machines have three-dimensional images, visual effects, and animation displayed on a screen. The state-of-the art graphics employ the use of advanced geometry, interactive elements and lighting to render images closer to real life. This highly immersive experience allows the game’s developers to use engaging storylines with a wide variety of themes.

Their cross-platform compatibility means that they are accessible both on desktop and mobile devices.

5.    Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual gaming refers to a new generation of computer games that gives a truly immersive, first person perspective of game action. A variety of gaming accessories are used to create this effect and include VR headsets, sense-equipped gloves, and hand controllers. This realistic experience mimics the actual casino floor and gives a better interaction as compared to a screen.

The VR gambling market potential will grow by $  1.74 billion between 2021 and 2025.


Online slots are a fun gambling game that does not require application of any strategy or following any rules. As you pick an online slot game, choose one that matches your criteria. The beauty of the online version is that you get to try new slot games through free spins offered by the platform.

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