5 Smart Tips for Better Medical Billing

Although medical practitioners may strive hard to provide the best patient care with advanced technology and experienced doctors, it’s still necessary for them to take care of their billing cycle. Without appropriate and timely billing, your practice won’t be able to survive in the long run since you will greatly struggle with operational cash flows. 

Therefore, it’s imperative for you to bill your patients efficiently. However, you should consider that some services may come with complex billing requirements. For instance, if your practice has a radiology department, a radiology billing company will handle the professional and technical components for appropriate billing. Here, you may need to decide if it’s worth hiring a professional medical billing service, so you can focus better on patient care.   

Nevertheless, in this article, we will discuss 5 smart tips for better medical billing. Keep reading to explore!

Tip #1: Collect From the Patient in Your Facility

Asking your patients to pay their portion for the services rendered via emails, phone calls, or even a collection agency may come with a significant hassle and additional costs. It may also delay the payment of your operating expenses.

Thus, you should put a notice in your facility that every patient is required to pay their portion upfront. Even if a patient communicates with you before arriving, you must set clear expectations regarding your pricing policy. 

Tip #2: Manage Claims Properly

Having errors in medical billing will lead to rejection in insurance claims. Of course, this will require you to resubmit all the required documents, and this entire cycle can cost you a few weeks, which means that your cash flows will be tied up in the meanwhile.

That’s why you should be vigilant when submitting claims and always double-check if you’re submitting the right documents and information. You should also contact the insurance provider to ensure there are no errors. These extra few minutes now will save you trouble down the road.

Tip #3: Leverage Technology

Manually handling billing tasks will make you prone to errors and minimize reimbursements. You should incorporate advanced medical billing software to save time, reduce errors, and help you regulate an optimal revenue cycle. 

This will allow you to assign your staff to other important tasks or those requiring human intervention. Premium medical billing software will keep you updated with the changes in codes and automate basic billing functions.

Tip #4: Have a Proactive Plan for Denials

Even if your claims are denied for some reason, you must not leave them as it is. Most claims are either denied due to incorrect information or some error on behalf of the patient.

You should have a proactive plan for denials. Otherwise, you will be leaving thousands or millions of dollars on the table. The best thing is that robust project management software lets you set reminders, so you can always keep track of denials and take the right action at the right time.  

Tip #5: Regularly Analyze Key Statistics

Although most medical companies tend to focus on the total income per month or the number of denied claims, it’s essential for you to track other important metrics as well. For instance, you should keep a check of the resolve rate to assess the training and expertise of your employees in claiming insurance denials. Moreover, tracking the reasons for denied claims will facilitate you in overcoming the issues in the future and making your revenue management cycle optimal.

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