5 Skills Every Blackjack Gambler Has to Have If They Want to Win


Winning at Blackjack requires a mix of skills, strategy, consistency, and a bit of luck! A bit of research online on sites such as Blackjack.me will provide a player with enough information to turn a novice player into a tactical gambler ready to make his first bet. Let’s have a look at a few of the skills required.

Understand the rules/edge of the house

A gambler should always strive to know the house edge. Understanding this will help the gambler determine things like how much he will lose on average while playing. When trying to calculate the house edge of Blackjack, consider the many variations you can choose from and the house rules.

Rules such as having fewer decks in play, reduce the house edge for the player. Other rules such as the ability to double or re-split also reduce the edge for the house.

Implement Strategy

Strategy is the name of the game. Blackjack has mathematically correct and incorrect ways to play. Blackjack hands played correctly yield the best average returns. To maximise your earnings, you have to play every hand the right way. Maths can be used to determine which strategy is the best for each hand, or you could also follow instructions on a blackjack strategy card. The cards can be ordered online or in many casino shops.

Improve Your Card Counting Skills

Often misunderstood, counting cards is a simple concept and if done well, it can get the player an edge over the casino of between 0.5% and 2%. Additionally, it does not require the gambler to memorise the entire deck of cards.

The more Aces and 10 Value cards (10’s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings) remain in the deck, the more favourable it is for the Blackjack player. A player can use this information to bet according to his advantage when basic strategy and card counting are applied in tandem. The gambler will also know when to change their strategy based on playing deviations.


Basically, insurance means that you are covering yourself against the dealer having blackjack. When you see that the dealer’s upcard (the visible card) is an Ace, you can place a side bet for when the dealer does indeed get blackjack.

The goal of this side bet is to equalise the money the player would lose if the dealer got blackjack versus the money you would gain from your bet. A word of caution though, these bets are designed to lose long term. It is estimated that players lose more than half of all insurance bets, and since payout ratio is 2 to 1, the bet can turn into a losing proposition.

Invest in a Large Bankroll

No matter how good a card counter is, he/she will go broke without adequate protection against sustained losses. A good idea is to bring enough money for each session so that your chances of winning are decent should you get lucky, while the risk of going broke is kept to a minimum.

If you bet $25 a hand at Blackjack with a $100 bankroll, you are in trouble because of the high risk of losing the entire bankroll. The ratio of bets to bankroll is too low. Some seasoned gamblers have placed a reasonable figure at about 50 times the minimum bet for a three hour playing session.

Final Thoughts

Gamblers can employ a simple step by step process that can lead them directly to profits. However, most gamblers never discover it, and those who do rarely pay enough attention to make it work. Blackjack players must make one simple, but extremely important decision to succeed. Once this decision is made, all the other gambling goals will fall into place.

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