5 Reasons Electric Skateboards Are Trending Among Millennials

Skateboarding goes all the way back to the 1950s when it was first discovered in the state of California. It’s said that surfers thought of this sport as an alternative when the beaches produced lower waves. Ever since then, many people have come to enjoy it as their hobby. Although they’re more common to be ridden by kids, teenagers, and young adults, it’s a great bonding time for families as parents encourage their kids to skateboard along flat surfaces and pavements.

Fast forward to today, the conventional skateboard has been tweaked in the most advanced ways possible. The fastest electric skateboards are now powered by electricity and utilized as alternative transportation. With the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, many riders and commuters want to find a better alternative that doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn’t harm the environment. Many millennials have started exploring the many benefits of riding motorized skateboards.

Whether you want to escape the traffic or you’re intrigued about why millennials love these electric skateboards so much, explore more reasons below:

1. They’re Environmentally Friendly

Many people are conscious of their environmental impacts due to the sensitive issues of global warming. Millennials think the same way and are looking to find eco-friendly transportation methods. Because electric skateboards are entirely green, they’re much cooler to ride for them. Because they run on rechargeable batteries, they don’t pollute or secrete carbon dioxide like other forms of transportation.

An electric skateboard is much more environmentally friendly than driving a car to go to your school or office. While riding a bicycle or walking are excellent methods too, electric skateboarding is faster and relatively cooler for many young professionals. People believe that electric skateboards could represent the future of urban transportation as one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

2. They Can Keep You Healthy

The health benefits of skateboarding are numerous. First of all, electric skateboards increase muscle strength and growth. When riding this board, your body needs to exert physical effort, encouraging muscles to work. As you move the board forward, you must stay on your feet and maintain balance. All these physical actions will boost your health better.

Skateboarding can also improve the overall functioning of your nervous system. When riding the board for extended periods of time, your neurological system will be more frequently called into action than if you opted for other modes of transportation.

You engage your core and leg muscles to stay on the board, giving the impression of working out. This is an excellent alternative if you can’t insert a few minutes or hours of your daily routine for some exercise. If you’re in a fitness rut, you can engage in riding a skateboard and eventually be back in your sweating game.

3. They’re Fast And Convenient

Electric skateboards are more convenient than traditional skateboards, which is one of the main reasons people prefer them. They come at incredible speeds, so they’re pretty fast and convenient to ride if you’re in a rush. They come with speed controls to speed up on flat or slopy terrains.

You can control the speed of the electric skateboard with the remote control that comes with it. They’re pretty handy and give you maximum skateboard control compared to the old-school models. Depending on your electric skateboard, some types have a speedometer display to understand how fast or slow you’re riding. This ensures that you’re riding at a safe and appropriate speed, perfect for your taste and preference.

4. You Don’t Need A Parking Space

An electric skateboard’s most significant advantage isn’t having to search for parking spaces. If you live in an urban city, you’re fully aware that parking fees can take up a lot of money for your monthly living expenses. Another challenge is when it’s pretty difficult to look for vacant parking spaces and you’re already running late for work. Vehicles need to be parked well, and you’ll need to exert time and effort to ensure that your car is parked perfectly.

Fortunately, you can forgo all those hassles with an electric skateboard. They don’t require any parking space at all. Unlike bikes, electric scooters, and other two-wheeled vehicles, skateboards are portable so you can take them easily anywhere. Just store them under your office table, inside the locker, or somewhere safe in the office or school.

5. They’re Fun To Ride

Generally, millennials love skateboarding simply because it’s an exciting and joyful hobby. A skateboard powered by electricity isn’t just fun; it also embraces the future of skating. New features and mechanisms are introduced to skateboards each year. And you can look forward to these modifications to make your experience even better.

While you may have seen many celebrities and online influencers suggest electric skateboarding, you probably stick to riding it for your own reasons and not their recommendations. It may take some getting used to it if you’re new to it. However, you’d be wise to switch to an electric skateboard if you’ve always ridden a skateboard.


Millennials and other generations are increasingly turning to electric skateboarding in urban areas. This is no longer a surprise as electric skateboards offer plenty of benefits. You can save the environment, have fun, and exercise using these boards. You also don’t need to search for parking spaces since they’re portable to carry and keep. For many reasons, it’s a sound investment to buy and ride an electric skateboard.

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