5 Quick Tips About Moving

Moving can be a complicated time for any first-time mover or a seasoned moving veteran. However, our friends at safeboundmoving.com have put together five quick tips about moving that can help anyone who has a move in the near future.

Begin Planning Early

In the moving world, there’s no such thing as getting started too early. The earlier you start organizing your move, the smoother it’ll go. We recommend that you start planning at least three months in advance. You should already have a new house or apartment secured by the time you begin to plan the actual move. If you don’t, then that’s the first order of business.

When you start planning your trip, the first thing you want to look into is hiring a moving company. Sure, DIY moves might seemingly save you a good deal of money. But you’ll end up paying one way or another. You might pay for it in time spent packing, a hurt back, or breaking your valuable belongings. It’s almost always recommended you hire a moving company, even if you’re moving locally.Local moving is a bit easier to do by yourself, but it’s always best to turn to the professionals.

Research Moving Companies

The biggest blunder you can make in the entire moving process is hiring a moving company that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. The moving industry is notorious for scamming customers. There are plenty of bad actors in this market. And while it is unfortunate, there are simple ways to make sure you don’t fall victim to a predatory company.

Referrals are your best friend in this industry. If a friend or family member has moved in the last year or so, ask them what company they used. Ask what their experience was like. If you have two or more referrals to the same company, then it’s a safe bet that you can trust them to get you where you want to go. However, more research is always a good idea.

If you don’t know anybody that has recently moved, then you’ll need to do some serious research online. Start with a simple Google search and begin investigating the companies that appear. Go to the Better Business Bureau and see what their ratings and reviews say. Dig through the company’s Google Reviews and Facebook reviews. Find the bad reviews and see what went wrong.

Get Quotes From Several Companies

Once you find a company that you feel comfortable with, don’t buy completely into it yet. Get a quote from that company and feel them out. Develop a relationship with the representative. Do that for your top three companies that you feel comfortable with. After A good deal of research on all three, you can make an educated decision on which company best fits your needs.

Be wary of companies that offer a quote that’s too good to be true. It’s important to set realistic expectations for the price of your move. If you’re moving a three-bedroom house and expect quality service, don’t hunt for a $1,200 quote. If you happen to find that unrealistic quote, you can fully expect to pay for the move elsewhere. That might mean they demand another $1,800 to unload the truck – hold your belongings hostage – or your belongings will certainly get damaged. You’ll pay in one way or another. In this industry, you pay for what you get.

Pack What You Can Yourself

If you pack your belongings by yourself and by room, you’ll save a decent amount of money with the moving company. Moving companies charge by the nickel and dime for packing services, so if you can pack by yourself and want to save money, then pack carefully and keep everything organized. If you pack by room and clearly label boxes, then the unpacking process will be that much easier.

Pace Yourself

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And this is why we recommend you start the moving process several months before your moving date. Moving can seem like a monumental task. That’s why we suggest you break every step down into small tasks. You’ll be far less overwhelmed when you tackle your move one step at a time.

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