5 Home Improvement Ideas To Tackle In 2022

A New Year often brings new ideas. With more of us working from home and trying to make the best use of the space we have, maybe you’re wondering what you can do to improve your home this year?If it’sinspiration that you’re looking for then look no further! Read on to find out more on how you can adapt the space you have to help give it a new lease of life, from a simple de-clutter to making a space warm and inviting.

1. The Bathroom

Wellness and self-care are important and there’s no better place to start with this than the bathroom remodel. Your bathroom needs to be inviting and comfortable. To keepyour space warm and cosy, you could add a heater. You don’t need a lot of room for this. By opting for vertical radiators by Stelrad, you can create an inviting bathroom without taking up valuable floor space. No more getting out of a hot shower and feeling the ice-cold air hit you, you’ll be greeted with warm, fluffy towels and be able to enjoy relaxing in your new, toasty bathroom.

2. De-clutter

Tidy room, tidy mind. A lot of clutter can accumulate in our homes that we don’t need but takes up valuable space. Most of the time, we often overlook clutter as we’re too busy to do anything about it. This year, why not make it your mission to sort out that pile of stuff you’ve been avoiding since last year? Creating a designated space for everything in your home will make you feel calmer and more organised.

3. Update the outdated

A new year means that it’s time for a refresh. If you have a specific part of your home that needs to be brought into 2022, now is a perfect time! If you’re bored of looking at your outdated kitchen cabinets or old curtains, or maybe there’s a room that really needs a lick of paint. Set yourself a task to uplift your home this year and check it off your list, you’ll really thank yourself for it.

4. DIY projects

Upcycling has become more popular over the past couple of years. As mentioned above, if your kitchen cabinets are looking a bit tired, you could look into sanding them down and painting them, giving them a new lease of life, and giving you a new hobby to focus on! Often doing things yourself is more cost-effective than paying a professional to do it for you, such as giving a room a refresh with a coat of paint, so why not save yourself some money this year and give a DIY project a go?

5. Create a schedule

Having your own home takes a lot of maintenance and time that a lot of us struggle to find with our busy lives. By creating a schedule of tasks that you can complete regularly will help you to keep your home looking and feeling fresh.

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