5 Great Ideas for Bringing a European Style Look to Your Home

There is no doubt that Europe has produced some of the world’s best home décor, mixing a few rustic elements, old-world comfort as well as vibrant colours. The design aspects not only showed Europe’s progress, but also an indication of its wealth, resources and demographics.

These designs have, for many years, been greatly admired by many around the world. Those fascinated by the high ceilings, sleek fabrics with deep textures, and cosy furniture have been travelling to different parts of Europe in the hopes of replicating a similar look in their homes. Here are a few tips to get your house looking like a Palladian Villa:

1. Floor Plan

The history of black and white checkered floors dates back to the late 1680s when they were used on the ground floor landing of the Queen’s staircase at Versailles. The timeless elegance of this checkerboard design has remained the standard for decades.

The use of hardwood floors also lends itself to most European themes, and can be used throughout the home, offering the most versatility. A Tuscan or Mediterranean theme uses stones or ornate tiles.

2. Windows

Windows designed in the European style are architectural and artistic masterpieces. The tilt windows are a great way to enjoy the view outside, even on a cold morning. While constructing a house, these European style tilt windows can be used to control the lighting in the bedroom especially if it is too bright outside, while letting in a cool breeze

3. Wooden Beams

Beams reclaimed from barns and other historical buildings create a classic rural European style for your home that evokes the countryside and the rustic charm of farmhouses and barns. Traditionally, beams have been used for structural support – repurposed on ceilings – but today, they are used for ornamental purposes. This makes them more versatile since they are not used for essential support.

4. Exposed Plumbing

In generations past, pipes could not be hidden behind walls because the solid stone and plaster construction of buildings did not easily allow for it. However, exposed pipes can add an old-world feel to any home, especially a bathroom.

Modern construction methods strive for a cleaner look by hiding all the plumbing behind the wall. Adding exposed piping is a great idea especially when using brass. It is extremely durable, looks amazing, and adds an old lived-in feel to your space.

5. Furniture

The hallmarks of European furniture style include interesting curves, asymmetric lines, soft and beautiful colours. This style emphasises nature’s manifestation. When people decorate their homes with a European theme, they should choose vintage furniture with a rustic look, for example a wrought iron bed frame and an antique wardrobe.

Victorian homes had formal entertainment areas with large wooden furniture fitted into a living room. The furniture was largely small in scale and usually made from carved wood.

Final Words

The idea of European design is to blend the old with the new. Making small changes to your home’s interior can make a huge difference to how it looks. It’s all about your personality and what you’d like the space to represent.

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