5 Best Slot Games For Android

Android users have a ton of choices when it comes to mobile games. Things are no different in the world of slots, which is one of the most popular random factor game type. The wide variety of free slot games for Android can be confusing, so we prepared a short guide on which simulators to play. Grab your portable machine and indulge in the fun of the best slots out there!

Below, we list five best free slot machine apps. And if you ever feel like you’ve had enough of a particular mobile casino? Just open up Google Play and download our other recommendations!

Laminator Online Casino Slots

Another very well rated free casino slot game for Android. It promises welcome bonuses, team experience with friends and daily promotions with exclusive offers to entertain users. With more than a hundred slots available, you will never run out of bonus rounds and free slots to try.

The Laminator features a level-up system to ensure the feeling of progress, as well as constant updates to provide more ways to win on slot machines. There is also a unique option of Slot Battle, which allows for playing against opponents and mobile friends. What better way to fight your close ones than through a spinning contest on slots games? Invite your friends today and prepare for a winning experience on your phone today.

Lotsa Slots – Casino Games

This is one of the most popular casino games for Android. With over 10 million players on Google Play, it is a safe option for all the newbies. This app features tons of fun bonuses and extras, which can be consumed for absolutely free. Users are kept engaged by multiple missions and special offers presented to them.

The colorful design of their machines only adds to the experience, and many people report that the graphic side of the casino game is very well put together. Over 80 Vegas slots await, with huge jackpots waiting to be hit. You can play for absolutely no cost, or, if you end up liking one of the games, invest a bit more to make your experience even more exciting. Jackpot trophies, new designs added on a regular basis and quests are all up for grabs.

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777

This is the number one ranked app out of all slots games. It takes pride in the user-friendly interface, tons of free chips and top-notch graphics. There are many themes of casino slot reels to choose from. Players can enjoy sports, adventure, traditional layouts or even fantasy or retro ones. Perhaps those are the reason for this game being #1 in the google play store.

Each player can also join clubs, which is a great way to socialize with other people. Make friends and gain stacks of chips at the same time. Isn’t that genius? Clubs can compete for enormous prizes in the billionaire league and strike their achievements as a group.

Slotomania Slots Casino Games

With over 50 million downloads, this might be one of the top casinos offering free coins and exciting gaming experience on your Android device. The key to this game’s success has to be its big portfolio of Android slots. It presents more than 200 video spins you can play from the get-go. A 1,000,000 coins for new users, free bonus every 3 hours and great fun even without real money.

You can join thousands of other active people enjoying mobile gameplay from the play store. If you’re looking for a constant thrill with many people online, this might be your best bet. Start your video slots adventure on Slotomania, the biggest of all Android casino games.

Cash Bash Casino – Vegas Slots

Compared to other titles listed above, this Android slots simulator is a bit smaller in number of active users. Casino investors gift you with a free reward every 15 mins and give you a chance to play for progressive jackpots. On your first install, you will receive a full stack of 5,000,000 chips to give you enough real money you can spin with.

Surprises await those who complete tasks and put enough time into these beautifully designed casino slot machines. There are also countless benefits of daily log-ins, such as lucky wheel rewards and regular boosts. Cash Bash might be the best choice if you’re looking for a low-key title with a more casual approach from the developers. Definitely worth giving it a try just for those free casino slot games.

Slots Bonuses

There is nothing more attractive for a player than any kind of promotion. While enjoying a slot machine it is possible to gain special multipliers that increase winnings for a certain number of games, which is especially favored by regulars. The players can also get extra bonuses from a favorite slot simulator, and, of course, additional free spins.

Free spins are virtually regular ones but there’s a chance to enjoy them without betting money on the outcome. This way the player does not lose anything but these spins can still win money. This fact makes this type of promotion the most appealing to the gamblers – it doesn’t matter whether they are newbies or pros.

Choosing a slot it is possible to get a different number of the promotions – starting from a minimum one to a fantastic quantity of 150 free spins for $1 Canada which is a wonderful opportunity for those who do not feel like spending too much money.


Whether you’re looking for a big casino with a huge player base or a small community, there’s always a fit for your taste. Choose from a range of precisely designed android slots that hold all the thrill and emotional rollercoasters, tune in often and grab all the chips prepared for you!

No matter if you’d rather win real money or just use free rewards to try your luck, we got you covered. Just choose one of the titles above and try out the endless possibilities. And when you feel like you’ve had enough, move onto the next one. The jackpot won’t wait forever.

Now that you know all our recommended slot machine games for android, it’s time to make your choice and jump straight into the action. What are you waiting for? The best casino games are available at the tap of your finger!

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