4 Ways How To Get Money Online For Free

Earning free money online is becoming easier each and every day. With more solutions popping up all around the internet, the options are pretty much endless. However, with such a number of choices, it might be difficult to pick something out. In order to make this easier, these are the 4 ways how to get money online for free.

Sharing your device activity

One of the easiest ways to get free money online is to share your device activity with certain services in exchange for money. One of such solutions is Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel. All you have to do is basically install the app to your devices and you are good to go.

This app collects your usage activity throughout devices for marketing research. The data that is collected is anonymized and no sensitive data about you is being collected. It is a passive way to make free money since you do not have to do anything on the app itself.

Another similar solution is MobileXpression, however, as the name suggests, it can only be used on mobile devices. Besides that, you would need to be using the mobile internet in order for the app to work, as opposed to using Wifi. It also collects information on your online behavior with the goal of making mobile internet usage better for all of us.

Passive income apps

A similar free money solution to the above-mentioned is passive income apps. These apps provide you with money in exchange for your unused internet bandwidth. This means that you share your internet with the app itself and earn money for it.

Honeygain is one of such apps. It is available on all platforms and runs in the background silently without any activity required from you. The sole requirement is having an internet connection.

What is different from the monitoring apps mentioned above is the fact that no data about your online behavior is being collected here. You simply get free money for sharing your internet traffic.

On Honeygain, you get 3 credits for each 10 MB of internet traffic shared. In this credit system, accumulating 1000 credits means that you had accumulated $1. You would need to collect $20 in order to payout. It may seem like a lot but you can reach it rather quickly.

Listening to music

Surprisingly, you can even earn free money by simply listening to music. There are quite a few websites and apps that provide you with such opportunity.

One of them is Current. On it, you would be listening to hundreds of curated playlists that are called “radios”. Spanning multiple genres, you would be able to find a playlist that works best for you.

If you enjoy a certain song, you can save it for future offline listening. Of course, you would not be able to skip songs on the radio/playlist, but it is still a great way to discover new music and get free money for it as well.

Slicethepie is another service similar to Current, however, on it, you get paid not only for listening to music but also for writing reviews about what you had heard. Providing a well-written and thought-out review would give you more free money. With some effort, you could be getting quite a lot of free money this way.

Crypto investments

In the ever-growing market of cryptocurrencies, making an investment can be rather expensive. However, some trading platforms offer you a sign-up bonus in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Take TradeStation for example – you will get $10 worth of crypto just for simply signing up to their service. After you receive this free money bonus, you can start trading it in any way you want.

Considering how volatile the prices are in the cryptocurrency world, and how often you need to have quite a big sum of money at hand in order to start investing, this option could be your tool to becoming a new crypto millionaire!

Although risky by nature, by making use of the sign-up bonus, you do not have anything to lose. The money is provided fully by the service itself. With a few smart trading moves, you could turn that $10 into $100, and even further.

All in all, free money is up there for grabs on the internet. With numerous options such as the ones above, you should not hesitate and jump right into it. As everything is online, you do not even have to leave your home in order to get some money. Totally worth a shot!

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