4 Uses For X-Rays

Commonly x-rays are used in medical or healthcare settings. They are mainly used when checking for fractures. However, they are also used in other areas of the healthcare industry. In a healthcare setting, an x-ray may use small amounts of electromagnetic radiation tocreate structured images, which will allow doctors and other healthcare professionals to tailor their diagnosis and approach. Also, you may find that when mammograms are conducted, they can utilize an x-ray machine for scanning the breasts and looking for any signs of cancer. X-rays are used in other areas of society, and here are a few more that you may or might not be fully aware of:

Revealing The Fakes

There is a lot of money to be made in the art world, and far too often, counterfeits or replicas are produced and passed off as the real item. To save art dealers, museums and collectors missing out, precaution has to be taken. Some counterfeit pieces of artwork are so similar to the originals that it can be hard to differentiate by eye only. Art dealers and historians will often examine pieces to see if they have been painted or created over existing pieces or if they have been tampered with at some point.

To Aid Airport Security

Within airports, security is essential, and as times move on, heightened security measures and protocols look increasingly likely. Stopping suspect passengers, packages, or even conducting a full-body x-ray is what most airports throughout the country do on a daily basis. With the help of x-ray machines, flyers and other passengers can be sure that they are traveling as safely as possible, minimizing any risks. Baggage that goes into the hold of the aircraft, as well as onboard with a passenger, will often have to go through several x-ray checkpoints before it is cleared for take-off. With x-rays, staffand other airline professionals can get the answers and information they need quickly and in real-time.

Engineering Applications – X-ray Diffractometer

In research institutes, universities, and commercial setups, you may find x-ray diffractometers being used. These diffractometers are created and designed to obtain the highest quality of diffraction data. Diffractometers like those that are available at malvernpanalytical.com are easy to use, and they are highly efficient, and, they can even be found in industrial process control labs. As x-rays are highly accurate, you may also find that an x-ray diffractometer may also be used in pharmaceutical settings, where research may be required to align structures of crystals with drug efficacy.

Radiation therapy

Cancer and other diseases can be monitored and targeted by using x-rays. Radiation therapy is most commonly used when cancerous growths or tumors need eradicating or reducing in a timely manner. Radiation therapy can play a huge role in the journey of a cancer patient. Radiation therapy uses high-energy waves or particles through gamma rays, protons, or x-rays. X-rays are helping areas such as research and development really push forward. Structures and compounds can be studied and readily observed.

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