4 reasons to Use Managed IT Services to Boost your Business

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, or the size of your business, you are in need of IT services; every business should be striving to create a strong digital presence in this 21st century world that we live in. Of course, the entrepreneur has a limited budget and outsourcing rules; a single provider can manage all of your IT services; here are a few good reasons to hook up with a San Jose managed IT services company.

  1. Slash business communication costs – Voice over Internet Protocol is here to stay and you can enjoy crystal clear real-time video calls and for a fraction of the cost of regular telecommunication. There is a great IT support company in San Jose who can give you free demo calls to any number, try Internet telephony and you will be hooked. It allows you to collaborate with your team wherever you might be; simply arrange a video meeting and the costs are affordable.
  2. Cloud computing – Migrating your business data to the cloud is the smart way to manage your data and with professionals monitoring your network 24/7, there’s no chance of you becoming the victim of a cyber-attack. Most medium sized businesses are already on the cloud, yet even a small business derives many benefits from storing their data remotely. Talk to a managed IT services provider who is based in San Jose and they would be happy to point out some of the benefits of cloud data storage.
  3. Cyber crime – Ask the FBI about cyber-crime and they will likely sigh! They are devoting a lot of their resources to identifying cyber-criminals and bringing them to justice, when asked how we can help, the experts tell us to keep updated as to safe use online practices, while using some form of anti-virus software and running a firewall. There are so many ways a hacker can gain the information they need to access data and the only way to be 100% protected is using an IT support company in San Jose. Here are a few ways that you can protect your data.
  4. Hardware support – How much time do you lose through faulty IT hardware? Most people have experienced the dreaded blue screen and we all know about printer error codes! If you are under the umbrella of a leading San Jose IT support company, you can forget about IT hardware issues; your business will always be online. Servicing schedules can be set, to refill printer cartridges and a software clean of the office PCs will speed things up; certain tasks can be set up so the computer cleans the registry outside of office hours and anti-virus files are updated automatically. Whatever OS you are using, regular tweaking will ensure hi-performance and a few seconds is a long time when compounded months and years.

With a solid IT infrastructure, your business can enjoy sustained growth and you can make your mark on your industry.

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