4 Favorites to Win  Stanley Cup 2022

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With the season in full swing, everyone is itching to know which team will win the 2022 Stanley Cup. Most people know which teams will be in the playoffs, but bookies think that it’s still anyone’s game, especially the teams going out of the Eastern Conference. While most bookies have Panthers on +550, several teams are above +900 that have a good chance of winning the Stanley Cup outright. 

On the other hand, the Western conference is beating it out between two teams which are the Avs and the Flames. At this point, it’s still pretty unclear which team will prevail in their divisions. Not only that, but bettors also have high hopes for the Golden Knights as they still have potential, especially if the club sets its priorities straight.

However, the Vegas Golden Knights are out of a playoff spot right now because, after all, you can’t win the conference if you’re not in the postseason. With all that said, even though the conferences are still a jumbled mess, people already have their favorites on which team will win the Stanley Cup. Here are some of them.

Colorado Avalanche +375

The Colorado Avalanche were among the top favorites from last year, but they couldn’t make the cut when it came down to it. They finished top of the West division, though, by having 82 points total, which is the highest point in the league, albeit the Golden Knights managed to make the same number of points.

Speaking of the Vegas Golden Knights, they are the only team that has more wins over the Colorado Avalanche. Despite all the hype, the Colorado Avalanche only managed to reach the second round in the playoffs against the Golden Knights with a 4-2 endgame score. However, this year, they have players like Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen on their team, making people have their hopes up for them this season.

Also, the Colorado Avalanche is easily the best team so far this season, winning 47 out of their 67 games and amassing a whopping 100 points, which is the most of any team in the league right now. That said, it’s only natural to see them with below +400 odds and being the top favorite to win the Stanley Cup.

Florida Panthers +550

The Panthers have also been doing great this year, being the second top favorites in the league this year. They also have amassed a very high number of points, second only to the Colorado Avalanche. So far, they’ve won 45 out of the 66 games and have also maintained form recently by winning 7 out of their last ten games.

Last year, the Panthers were also great by finishing second in the division after picking up 79 points out of their 56 outings. However, they have failed to maintain this performance in the playoffs as they have lost against the Lightning in the first round. Coming back from a very bad performance from last year’s playoffs, the Panthers maintained their strong efficiency throughout this year’s campaign, giving them in the +500 range among bookies.

Calgary Flames +900

With their great performance so far, the Flames are heading out to the final stretch by being the third favorite for this season. Their odds are currently in the +900, given that they’re the top team in the Pacific Division. They are the team within the third-least amount of losses and are currently looking to shoo-in in the postseason.

The Calgary Flames are a force to reckon with as they are battling out with the Colorado Avalanche in the top spot for the Western Conference. They also have recently taken advantage of the Golden Knights’ drop in form, opening up a 7-point gap while also managing the point difference between them and the second-best in the league.

It’s easy to see why their NHL Finals Odds are down in the +900 range but many people are hoping for them to get a deep run into the playoffs if they make it.

Carolina Hurricanes +1000

The Hurricanes were certainly a great team during the regular season last year. They finished first in the Central Division by winning 36 out of their 56 games and amassed a total of 80 in the process. However, they failed to keep their momentum going in the playoffs by losing against the Tampa Bay Lightning, who went on to win the Stanley Cup themselves.

Nevertheless, with a bit more luck, the Hurricanes will be able to make it further this year and hopefully win the Stanley Cup this time.

Final Words

It’sIt’s still very early to say which team has the most potential in winning the Stanley Cup this year but people are already quite confident with their predictions. There are certainly a lot of teams to watch out for this year, and with that, the Stanley Cup is still anyone’s game at this point.

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