11 mistakes to avoid in the NAATI CCL Test

Applying for Australia PR under skilled-based migration visa category? You must have considered taking the NAATI CCL Test and achieving those 5 PR points to make your application more noteworthy. But the last thing you want is to make a mistake during your test and lose your chance.

This blog post will outline some of the common mistakes made by students and offer advice on how to avoid them.

The first common mistake that many applicants make is not reading their instructions before starting the exam. Make sure you read all of the instructions carefully before going into your exam so there are no surprises!

The four errors defined by NAATI for which the examiners are going to deduct your marks are

1. Accuracy

When candidates do not understand the context or meaning of the dialogue or one particular segment, they end up interpreting the entirely incorrect information. This is the result of not actively hearing the dialogue or lack of topic knowledge. Correctness of the information needs to be maintained during the interpretation. This error could be overcome by regular practice of listening and interpreting dialogue & gaining knowledge about common exam topics.

2. Distortion

The English language has many words that sound similar but have entirely different meanings. Distortion means altering the meaning of the dialogue by using incorrect word meaning or using certain words based on assumption without knowing the meaning of it. Improving the vocab in both languages is quite important to ensure the right translation of specific terms in the dialogue.

3. Omissions

Omission of information is another error the candidates tend to make while translating from source to the target language. An omission is nothing but missing out on some part of the dialogue. This results in sharing partial information is a sign of ineffective communication. Calmly listen to the recording and capture the meaning of the entire dialogue, do not stuck in the first part, and try to memorize it.

4. Insertion

This is contrary to Omission. Where some candidate misses some part of the information, some end up adding extra to it. Which is irrelevant and unnecessary and moreover affects your score. This hampers the original intended meaning of the dialogue. Don’t insert additional information just for the sake of speaking or showcasing your language skills. Keep it to the point and as spoken.

There is one way to get rid of all these errors and not let them impact your NAATI CCL Test score, and that is PRACTICE.

The more you practice, the better your hold of both languages gets. It will also help you get an exam-like experience so that you don’t have to experience something unknown on the exam day. It will help you reduce anxiety on exam day.

If you are finding difficulties with traveling, you can go for online NAATI CCL preparation and benefit from study materials, free practice dialogues, mock tests, vocab bank available on the CCL Tutorials mobile app. Another effective method is online NAATI CCL Coaching, where experts can guide and teach you everything you need to crack the test.

There are a few other potentials mistakes you must avoid in your NAATI CCL Test

5. Use of Accent

Some candidates assume or are misguided that speaking in a certain accent will help them get a better score. Understand that the test is to assess your communication capability in the Australian community not to become a linguistic or translation expert.

Natural is good; it’s best. Speak in a normal accent and also maintain moderate speed while speaking. Neither too fast, nor too slow.

6. Hardware issues

You didn’t have to worry about it if it was at the test centre, but since the exam is now online and you will be the one doing exam setup you got to make sure that all the hardware is working fine including all, your computer, headset, and mobile phone as well. Do not forget to do the testing suggested by NAATI officials before the test.

7. Poor Internet connectivity

It is recommended to have a minimum of 1.5Mbit/s upload, 10Mbit/s download, ping under 25ms to ensure proper testing without connectivity issues.

8. Noise/Disturbances

Don’t take the test in a noisy environment. Disturbances will cause a huge impact on your voice quality in the recording.

9. English to English and LOTE to LOTE translation

With the habit of taking notes in English even for LOTE segments, the chances of translating English to English increase. Candidates need to be a little attentive while reading notes when they interpret them. It’s English to LoTE or vice-versa; not English-English or LoTE to LoTE.

10. Note-taking skills

Some of the candidates focus so much on note-taking that, they don’t listen to the dialogue properly and miss the gist of it. This makes interpretation difficult for them. So don’t write the entire dialogue instead note down keywords, figures if any.

11. Pauses, Repetition, Correction

Try reducing the pauses, the number of segment repetition, and corrections as it reflects your preparation level and impact your score.

Why is Online NAATI CCL Preparation a Better Option?

With the pandemic and its imposed restrictions, Online NAATI CCL Preparation is the best option you have got. You don’t have to go to the institutes as you can avail everything online now. CCL Tutorials provide online NAATI CCL Coaching to help candidates gain those 5 PR points with the exam clearing preparation strategies.

If you are planning to appear for the NAATI CCL Test anytime sooner, don’t wait for the right time. Start your preparation and be ready to ace the test.

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