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Pune: The co-founder of the energy distribution start-up Repos Energy, Aditi Bhosale Walunj, has said that her firm is looking to raise around Rs 300 crores by the end of the ongoing fiscal, which will also include the full rollout of its Datum on-site fuel dispensers, as well as upscaling its stationary and mobile electric vehicle charger rollout.

Repos, which has been partially backed by the veteran industrialist Ratan Tata, partners with major auto OEMs to deploy fuel tanks equipped with dispensers, largely to deliver diesel at the doorstep to B2B segments, such as fleet owners, farms, facilities with generator sets, among others, using location services and internet-of-things (IoT). Tata was also one of the backers of the firm in its most recent funding round, which raised Rs 56 crores.

Aditi added that they are “95% on the way” to deliver proof-of-concepts of its LNG-to-CNG delivery units, and are looking to expand its on-site IoT-powered fuel dispensing units, branded Datum, of which 160 have been deployed in Pune as proof-of-concept.

She further added that the company’s EV charging segment will use electricity generated from waste, as well as recycled batteries.

“In the first phase, we will deploy EV charging stations on sites, and we have signed a deal with a company which generates electricity from waste. In the next phase, the batteries will be mounted on vehicles that can be used to charge vehicles at the doorstep, like our diesel delivery units,” Aditi added.

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