Why Choose HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance? Top 4 Reasons You Should Know

When it comes to bike insurance, it is important that you pick the right insurer, as this can either make or break your experience. One of the key factors you can look at is the claim process and ratio.

If the insurer offers a hassle-free claim process and has a high claim settlement ratio, it implies that the insurer is reliable. With a 100% claim settlement ratio, HDFC ERGO bike insurance is one of the top and most reliable two-wheeler insurance you can avail.

It comes with a host of features that ensure you get the best protection for your two-wheeler. Read on to learn about the top features of HDFC ERGO bike insurance.

Various Insurance Plans

Depending on the insurance plans, the coverage you get will vary. The more options you have, the better your choices for comprehensive coverage. Generally, two-wheeler insurance providers offer two types of insurance plans – third-party liability and comprehensive cover.

With a third-party liability policy, only third-party damages are covered. These do not include damages to your bike. On the other hand, a comprehensive cover extends the coverage to your bike too. However, with HDFC ERGO bike insurance, you get two more options – standalone own damage cover and cover for brand-new bikes.

In the former, damages caused by you are covered, and in the latter, your new bike is protected against the damages caused by you as well as third-party liability. Having multiple options enables you to choose a plan that offers the best cover as per your needs.

Affordable Premiums

Premiums are the cost of availing an insurance plan. This amount is dependent on a number of factors and can vary for each lender, bike, and plan chosen.

With a number of insurers offering bike insurance at a nominal cost, you also need to look at the coverage offered for that plan. This helps ensure that you get your money’s worth, which is a crucial aspect of any financial decision.

Here, you can rely on HDFC ERGO bike insurance as it offers comprehensive coverage at pocket-friendly premiums. This way, you protect your bike while also protecting your finances.

Seamless Claim Process

Although having a seamless policy purchase is a vital part of getting two-wheeler insurance, it is equally important to look at the claim process. This is because the smoother the claim process, the better your experience.

Generally, you need to contact the insurance provider to register a claim and then follow the instructions given by them. In some cases, this can last longer than anticipated, which can make the process even more stressful.

However, with HDFC ERGO bike insurance, you can register your claim with an AI-enabled solution. This makes the process quicker and easier.

Numerous Network Garages

Just as the networks hospitals play a critical role in health insurance policy, network garages play a crucial role in bike insurance. A widespread network of garages means that you can get your bike repaired from anywhere without worry.

With HDFC ERGO bike insurance, you can get access to over 7,000 network garages across the country. That’s not all, you also get features like roadside assistance and doorstep repair service. This will help you get back on the road quickly and effortlessly. 

Along with these features of HDFC ERGO bike insurance, you also get a number of add-ons that can make the policy even more comprehensive. IDV customisation and zero depreciation are some of the popular add-ons you can get.

That’s not all, the policy purchase process is paperless and instant. Your policy gets activated within minutes of purchasing it, giving your bike instant protection. Additionally, the renewal process is just as seamless and quick, giving you an enhanced experience.

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