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GT Drive pro

New Delhi: GT Force, an electric two-wheeler startup, has released two new models in the low-speed category – GT Soul Vegas and GT Drive Pro with a speed of 25 km/h. GT Soul Vegas is priced at INR 47,370 (lead-acid battery – 60V 28Ah) and at INR 63,641 (lithium-ion battery – 60V 26Ah). GT Drive Pro is available at INR 67,208 (Lead-Acid) and INR 82,751 (Lithium-ion). Both the scooters have a range of 50-60km on lead-acid and 60-65km on lithium-ion per charge, the company said in a release.

It takes 7-8 hours for lead-acid and 4-5 hours for the lithium-ion variant to get fully charged. The model features a highly insulated BLDC motor and a high-strength tubular frame, the release added.

With a kerb weight of 95 kg (Lead-acid) and 88 kg (Lithium-ion), both GT Soul Vegas variants have a loading capacity of 150 kg. A seat height of 760mm, and an exceptional ground clearance of 170mm, making the scooter an ideal ride for Indian road conditions. Other notable features include an anti-theft alarm, reverse mode, cruise control system, ignition lock start, hydraulic telescopic front suspension, and dual tube technology in the rear suspension.

 GT Soul Vegas
GT Soul Vegas

GT Soul Vegas is available in 3 colors (Glossy Red, Grey and Orange) to accommodate the preferences of various customers. The product comes with an 18-month motor warranty, one-year lead battery warranty, and a three-year lithium-ion battery warranty, the release said.

With a kerb weight of 85 kg, GT Drive Pro has a loading capacity of 140 kg. A seat height of 760mm, and a ground clearance of 170mm, which makes it in sync with the requirements of city dwellers. It offers several features including central locking with an anti-theft alarm, parking mode, reverse mode and mobile charging with auto cutoff. GT Drive Pro is available in 4 colors, White/Blue/Red/Chocolate, and comes with an 18-month motor warranty, a one-year lead battery warranty, and a three-year lithium battery warranty.

Mukesh Taneja, co-founder and CEO of GT-Force, said, “We are thrilled to launch our two new EV two-wheeler models in the market after identifying significant gaps when it comes to aspirational, comfortable, and stylish individual urban commute. We also firmly believe that affordable, sturdy and TCO [total cost of ownership] efficient scooters are the only path toward the country’s transition to EV. We are confident that our products are efficient for voyaging short distances, safe and emission-free. We have entered the space with the goal of not only capturing the market share but also winning the mindshare by delivering the requirements of an ordinary Indian.”

In India, GT-Force has distributors in 80 cities in the country and 100 dealerships. With a monthly production capacity of 5000 units, the electric vehicle startup has presence in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan.

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