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We at at Bounce share believe that access to mobility is access to livelihoods.

Bounce Share, today announced the massive success of achieving over 3 Crore rides which accounts for more than 17 crores shared kilometres on its dockless scooter sharing platform. This is a testimony to the company’s phenomenal growth trajectory and the fact that Bounce Share has made mobility accessible to all across segments.

Bounce Share’s patented keyless technology, allows customers to pick up or drop the bike in any legalised parking across the city.

Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO and Co-founder, Bounce has been tweeting on making mobility accessible to all and said, “From being told that dockless and unsupervised scooter sharing wouldn’t work in India to crossing 30 million rides, we have come a long way. Last 2 years have been slow with COVID but it’s getting more exciting with Bounce building our own EVs and battery swapping infrastructure. We at at Bounce share believe that access to mobility is access to livelihoods. We are proud and happy to share that we have crossed 30 million rides which is over 170 million shared kilometres. Lesser vehicles on roads, easier access to public transport to many such things. While we continue to make mobility accessible and affordable to all, we have been 100 percent electric and all rides are EV rides. We also launched Bounce Infinity to enable electric mobility to millions of Indians who can’t switch to electric due to multiple reasons. One of the key USPs of Bounce Infinity would be that you can share these scooters like Airbnb when you are not using it.”

Bounce has also been setting up an extensive battery-swapping network through prominent partnerships, which will serve its retail customers and ride-sharing businesses. It recently announced a series of partnerships with brands such as Nobroker, Park+, Readyassist, Kitchens, HelloWorld and Goodbox to set up infrastructure to support a million+ scooters in the next 12-24 months. This smart framework will be available at locations as diverse as restaurants, cafes, co-living spaces, corporate offices, kirana stores, etc., making it extremely convenient for consumers to access the nearestswapping stationon their Bounce App.

With a strong desire and determination to address the need to bring ease of commuting to people across many categories like small businesses, college students, workers and delivery agents, Bounce was launched in 2018. With first-of-its-kind, indigenously built using in-house R&D, Bounce dockless bikes were launched in Bengaluru in May 2018. A blend of advanced digital solutions with a seamless operations network on the ground helped Bounce become a popular and desired mode of transport across diverse economic and age groups.

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The partnership will provide 2000 commercial two-wheelers to gain access to 175-plus swap stations across Delhi-NCR, the company said.

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